Say Happy Easter the right way with Resident Pheasant Chocolate. Ethical, eco-friendly and absolutely incredible Easter Chocolates.  See what takes your fancy among our Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Letterbox Easter Gifts and Easter Eggs, including Vegan and Dark Chocolate Easter eggs. You'll love our range of Easter Chocolates we have in store for you.


Hop into the holiday spirit with our delightful Easter chocolates by post! These delicious treats will have your taste buds doing the bunny hop for joy.  Imagine receiving a bag of chocolate bunnies and your favourite Resident Pheasant chocolate bars in the mail. Opt for our Easter hamper baskets, which can be used for your Easter egg hunts or opt for our Easter Letterbox Gifts that are sure to make anyone's Easter a little more sweet.

Easter Chocolate Gifts with Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Our Easter chocolate gifts are a fun and delicious way to celebrate the holiday. They include a variety of treats such as chocolate easter bunnies, which are popular with both kids and adults. You can Build Your Own Chocolate Easter Box choosing from milk, dark, or white, all hand-crafted using eco-friendly and ethical chocolate.

Dark Chocolate and Vegan Easter Eggs

Easter can be fun for everyone and vegan chocolate doesn't have to be boring, we have the perfect Dark Chocolate Vegan Easter Egg for those looking for a dairy free alternative. We also have our mini Dark Chocolate Eggs which comes with Easter Hens in a gift box and are absolutely Crakin'.

Easter Chocolates for Everyone

From classic chocolate bunnies to roarsome dinosaur chocolate easter eggs filled with surprises, to Easter hens…the options are endless. How about a chocolate Easter hamper basket filled with yummy Resident Pheasant chocolate treats like our ethical chocolate bars, easter chocolate bunnies or dinosaur shapes? It's like a basket of happiness…And let's not forget about the Easter letterbox gift options for delivery straight through their door.

For Dinosaur lovers, If you're looking for a unique and fun Easter gift, look no further! Introducing our prehistoric delight - the Dinosaur Chocolate Egg Gift Box! This gift box includes a hand-crafted chocolate egg that's sure to impress any dinosaur enthusiast. Crack open the egg to reveal a surprise white chocolate dinosaur inside, and savor the rich, delicious chocolate. But that's not all! The gift box also includes a set of mini dinosaur chocolate figurines, which are sure to bring a smile to any child's (or dinosaur-loving adult's) face.
We have plenty of handcrafted and ethical Easter Eggs, Easter Hampers and Gift boxes with incredible flavours that go beyond, such as our best-selling Caramel Sea Salt to incredible Honeycomb. Go ahead and give yourself (or someone special) the gift of chocolate this Easter by post. Trust us, it's egg-cellent!